Chapter 1 - Introduction

This manual is intended for people who are studying to become a Second Degree Reiki healer and those who have been initiated into Second Degree Reiki. It continues from my Manual of First Degree Reiki & Self Healing and the information in that manual is an important and necessary basis for the work covered in this manual.

As with my Manual of First Degree Reiki & Self Healing, this manual contains information, explanations and techniques that are not a part of the Reiki tradition and this is why they are not simply called Reiki manuals. My Manual of First Degree Reiki & Self Healing includes information to aid the inner journey, understanding of the self and help to address issues at a soul level. That manual, together with my Course of First Degree Reiki & Self Healing guides students to a broader understanding of personal healing and spirituality and together with Reiki healing, to achieve greater balance and happiness. Likewise, this manual includes information which is not in the Reiki tradition but which is intended, along with my Course of Second Degree Reiki and Healing People, to give Second Degree Reiki trainees the skills to become competent healers of people and the confidence to set up a practice as a professional Reiki healer, if desired. This manual includes information on common pathologies of the soul and on how to apply Reiki for transformative healing. Second Degree Reiki healers will learn how to expand their healing capabilities through dedicated spiritual practice as well as through an understanding of how to help and guide others. I hope that this manual will serve Second Degree Reiki healers whom I have taught as well as those whom I have not had the blessing to teach.

Some people learn better by working through a sequence to progress one bit at a time and there are others who, like me, prefer to be able to see a bigger picture to begin with and then go into the detail of parts as they wish. So in this manual I present what I have learned about spiritual issues that are connected to healing work and try to put them into perspective so that Reiki Second Degree students have a broad-based knowledge of healing at this level.